Student Advocates

Learning that we have a choice to exercise our voices through our votes!

Students throughout the state from public, private, charter, parochial and home schools take part every year in the general election. Check out our slideshow of students learning about and participating in the political process. » Read more...

Aloha Teachers!

WeVoteHawaii is civic engagement in the most relevant, REAL way!

You will LOVE how the curriculum and voting experience for students K-12 will ignite their enthusiasm for learning about how our government works  --  and practicing the important role that citizens play in our democracy! » Read more...

Policy Ninja

Policy Ninja is a fun new tool set that allows citizens to have a powerful voice on issues they care about.

By combining action pages with money-in-politics transparency, Policy Ninja will kick your advocacy efforts into high gear! » Read more...

Kanu Hawaii

Candidates Game 2016

Read responses from your candidates for State House and Senate or check out the Candidates Game to find out if you and the candidates running for office from your district believe in the same things you do » Read more...

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WeVoteHawaii Elections 2016

Mahalo to Aikahi Elementary School for the video.

TEACHERS:  If your school does not have a School Level Ambassador (SLA) to print Student Passwords to vote in the official WeVoteHawaii General Election, please see your Principal or Head of School and have him/her write to us using the Contact Us form under the About button.  For Practice Voting, individual Student Passwords are not needed.

DISTRICT-PRECINCT LOOKUP: District-Precinct Numbers are needed for both Practice and Official WVH voting. If this is the first time you are looking up the numbers, it is suggested that you read the instructions.  Until October 28, the Office of Elections will be doing maintenance ofthe system between 8:00 p.m. to midnight.  You may use the alternate District-Precinct Lookup listed below.

District-Precinct Lookup    Instructions

ALTERNATE DISTRICT-PRECINCT LOOKUP: If the District Precinct Lookup is not working, click HERE for the Office of Elections List of Polling Places.  Look up the name of the polling place at which parents vote. Or look for the name of the school closest to the student’s home.  However, this may not be the exact District-Precinct because the parents’ polling place may be elsewhere. Students may also choose to use the District-Precinct number of the school which they attend.


September 26-October 21
Practice voting for Official WVH General Elections.  Type DEMO as the Password and input District and Precinct numbers.You may practice as many times as you want.  PC users, Firefox browser not recommended (checkboxes overlap). 

Some ballots will not have candidates for the State Senate (it may not be a year the district’s Senate seat is up for election) and for State House (if a candidate was elected in the primary because there is no opponent in the General Election).


Student issues are now on the practice ballot.

September 26 to October 21
Printing & distribution of Student Passwords for WVH General Election by School Level Ambassadors or designee(s)

September to November 8
On-campus spirit-building for participation in the online voting, e.g., voter registration drives, school rallies, candidate forums

October 25 to November 8
WeVoteHawaii GENERAL ELECTION with required student passwords & voting district and precinct numbers.

WVH General Election results will be posted online at 6 PM, Tuesday, Nov. 8